About Molly

Simply M Photography-3291

(Photo by Abby Leighanne Photography)

Hey y’all! I’m Molly.

I’m so glad you found my site and want to get to know me a bit better (the feeling’s mutual – let’s be friends!). I’m a photographer living in Columbia, Tennessee who loves encouraging others and is passionate about fudge brownies. (That’s a good way to start this little bio, right?)

I first became interested in photography because I wanted to remember. I wanted the ability to recall details of everyday and not-so-everyday moments in my life with just a glance at a photograph. A glance can suddenly transport you back to a long-passed memory: the sights, the sounds, the company, the feeling…isn’t that wonderful?!

Because relationships with those I love are one of the biggest parts of my life, being photographed with friends and family brings me more joy than I know what to do with! A few years ago, it became excitingly clear that I was meant to bring others joy by documenting their own relationships. I want to create photos that are lovely and purely life – images of you with your favorite people! The way you laugh with your best friend…the way your kids hug your leg oh-so tightly…the beautiful, small moments that you don’t want to forget. If you also want to remember the small moments in life, let’s talk!

Thanks for reading! Find me on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’d love to connect.