Baby News!

As many of you may have seen on my personal social media pages, Sam and I are expecting our first baby – a sweet GIRL! – in late September! We are over the moon (and ok, a little nervous, too πŸ™‚ ) about how our little family is going to change and grow in the next few months.

Since we learned I was expecting, I’ve thought about how my busy season (late fall) would look. I wish I could say I’ll still take sessions on during that time, but I know that’s not what our baby, our family, or my well-being will thrive on! So, here’sΒ the tentative plan:

In September, I am planning to only accept sessions that have already been contracted – those families who’ve already signed up for a “Welcome, Baby!” first-year portrait plan, for example. There’s a good chance I will offer mini sessions in August, because there are many of you who I love photographing each fall, and I don’t want to miss catching up! Information about those will come mid-summer.

I will be taking a maternity leave in October and November, so Baby and I can enjoy watching the leaves change in the midst of little sleep, diaper changes, and feedings!

As for December, I am planning to take on a limited amount of sessions! This number will be determined in November, and I will be sure to make an announcement when those slots are available to book.

Thank you, thank you for all of your well-wishes the past few days. We appreciate every single prayer, good thought, and celebratory text message you’ve sent!

I’m off to work out…wishing Franck taught some classes around here! πŸ˜‰