Scrapbook Saturday

Happy Saturday, everyone! I don’t usually post on the weekends, but my lovely friend Lauren from With Love, Lauren Michelle approached me recently about doing a link-up together, and I loved the idea! So, last weekend, we each documented a day in our lives, and today we’re sharing what those days looked like 🙂

I was in a hurry once up to travel to Franklin for my first session of the day. My thoughtful husband made a great new juice/smoothie for our breakfast, and I hit the road.



The Styblo family just welcomed Will to the world, and I was honored that they asked me to photograph his newborn session. They are also adopting the two older children shown below this month (yippee!!), so there was even more reason for pictures and celebration! They are truly good-hearted people who I always enjoy spending time with.

Simply M Photography-2509Simply M Photography-2650

One thing I love about driving north of Columbia for is Lightning 100, my favorite Nashville radio station. It was basically all I listened to while living there, and I miss flipping on the radio to hear some sweet indie sounds. Granted, I can listen to it online, but it’s not the same, you know? Heard some good tunes on there this particular day (Rod Stewart’s Stay with Me, for one), and stopped at Sonic for a quick lunch. I break for tots!

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My next session was a first birthday party. I met Jack’s parents two years ago at his gender reveal party! It was a treat to photograph his sports-themed shindig, surrounded by their family and friends. Jack *dove* immediately into his cake…I’ve never seen a baby know exactly what to do with one!

first birthday party, sports theme birthday party, cake smash, baby cake smash, family birthday party pictures

I had a little time to kill before the last session of the day, so I met up with my adorable friend, Katie, and her equally adorable son, Titus, at Juice Bar Brentwood. We don’t get to hang out as much as we’d like, so we try to grab time when possible. She has the most refreshing spirit to be around – I always feel happier after being with her! Do you see my goofy smile below? Yes, that’s thanks to her and that rosy-cheeked baby. (Love you, Katie!)

day in the life, saturday scrapbook, nashville photographer, middle tn photography, juice bar brentwood

Now, for a fun six-month session at one of the best spots for pictures in Nashville – Ellington Ag Center! I used to live just minutes from this place, and I still love to do shoots there when possible. It was my second session with the Deanes, and they are such a great little family. Owen was ALL smiles, and his parents are obviously over the moon for him. I think photographing families with new babies are some of the sweetest shoots, simply because everything’s so very new and exciting to the parents…and I guess to the babies, too!

Simply M Photography-3291

After my last shoot, I went over to my brother-in-law’s apartment to join Sam’s family for a delicious lasagna dinner. It was so good and food-coma-inducing that I forgot to take pictures…but I can tell you that this was included in the dessert. Nutella forever.


After we got home, it was time to crash. Watched a little Netflix, and went to bed!

Thanks for reading today! Be sure to head over to With Love, Lauren Michelle and see what her Saturday was like!