Recent Favorites | Blog Edition

I’ve always been a reader. My grandmother used to always comment how she’d never see me without a book in my hands when I was young (probably one of these!). I’m glad this hobby of mine has stuck around into my adulthood, because it’s something I never tire of. I love the feeling of jumping into a new story, and in the past few years, I’ve found myself jumping more and more into real-life stories of bloggers from all over the country.

I wanted to share a few of those blogs with you today that I think you’ll enjoy!

1 // Elizabeth Hyndman: Elizabeth and I have been friends for a few years now, and she is one of my very favorite writers. Witty and Nashville-based, lover of chai tea. Be sure to find her ‘Tweets of the Month’ posts – hilarious.

favorite blogs, edhyndman, tweets of the month club

2 // Ember Grey: Emily and I met briefly last year at the Influence Conference, and made a point to get together in person last month. We could’ve talked all afternoon! She writes a lifestyle blog full of her adventures, her faith, and her cheery spirit. Check out her ‘Grateful Heart Monday’ link up…I can’t wait to join it soon.

3 // Taking Steps Home: I found Amy’s blog through Oak and Oats (another blog I could’ve easily listed here!), and as I read through her posts, I felt like I already knew her. She’s honest and funny, heart-felt and real. My kind of gal!

4 // Wellness Mama: I look forward to all of Katie’s posts. She’s a mother of five, sharing her family’s healthy habits and ways for all of us to live longer, fuller lives! If you’re looking for a ‘granola’ blog (in the very best sense of the word), you’ve found it.

wellness mama, unusual kitchen tools

5 // Enjoying the Small Things: Oh, how I wish I could meet Kelle Hampton. Can’t even do her blog justice in describing it – just click on over and read. 😉

6 // Magnolia Homes: We don’t have cable, but I know alllll about Fixer-Upper on HGTV. While we can’t watch the shows, I like to follow Chip and Joanna Gaines’ blog for ways to spruce up our home (and dream about the future one!).

7 // With Love, Lauren Michelle: Sweet Lauren! We became friends in middle school and kept in touch after she moved to North Carolina many years ago. She has started a new lifestyle blog and it’s plain perfect. She has fantastic taste, and I love her ‘Mondays with Me’ series about her favorite things!

8 // Vallarina Creative: Instagram introduced me to Valerie’s site + Etsy shop, and we’ve been chatting via email recently about her work with The Archibald Project. She’s just as cute via email as in her blog! Her writing is about a little of everything, but my favorite posts are about what she’s been reading lately!

vallarina creative

9 // The Balanced Wife: Jacey’s blog is just about that – finding a good balance of all the things important in your life. I like listening to her Around the Table podcast she hosts with Maggie while I’m editing each week!

10 // Pass The Pretty: My friend (and talented photog) Neely is a part of this group of friends who all contribute to Pass the Pretty. All of the writing feels so light and fresh – and the recent food posts have made me quite hungry.


 Thanks for reading about what I like to read today! 😉 What are some of your favorite blogs?