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Shop Around the Corner is a monthly series where I share a variety of fan-tas-tic small business owners that I think you’d really dig. It’s very important to me to share the love with fellow small business folks – the welcoming community of entrepreneurs I’ve met is quite strong, and there is so much incredible talent out there! I look forward to introducing you to great photographers, designers, shop owners…the list goes on and on!

Welcome to another feature in my Shop Around the Corner series: NS Pottery! I first learned of Natalie and her amazing clay creations through the Influence Network last year. As soon as I hopped over to her Etsy page, I immediately fell in love! I own a pair of her mint earrings and a mug, and could easily add all of her items to my wish list. I think you’ll like meeting her today!

b&w mug 5

Tell us about your business!

Founded in 2008, NS Pottery specializes in functional wheel-thrown pottery and jewelry, all made with durable stoneware clay. Pieces are handcrafted to adorn home, garden, and body.

b&w mug 6


What made you decide to open your shop?

As an 18 year old girl fresh out of high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the rest of my  life. I found a local potter who gave classes out of his studio and since ceramics was my favorite class in school, I decided to sign up. I didn’t know if having a career as a potter was even feasible, but I knew it was something that I loved doing. After learning from him for a year and a half, I opened my own studio. Having a few successful events at local craft shows encouraged me to open my online shop.


Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration comes much more freely when I’m actively living life by doing things I enjoy rather than sitting around trying to search for it. I feel refreshed and inspired after being outside, trying new things, and spending quality time with people that I love.


Favorite item that you sell?

My favorite item right now is my new Personalized Couple Coffee Mug.

Nat hearts Matt Mug 2


Any advice for those just starting out?

Growing a business takes time. Make sure you’re doing something that you love and expect your business to evolve as you expand your skills and see what people are most drawn to. Don’t think you have to have every detail planned out before you begin.


Three words to describe you/your life.

Creative, fulfilling, adventurous


Story or moment in business that was memorable/impactful:

Two and a half years ago, I was featured on a local news channel after being nominated as a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards. Seeing my face on television was surreal! (You can watch the clip here:

Necklaces 1


Favorite tv show:

Honestly, I watch very little tv, but I love Everybody Loves Raymond.


Favorite ice cream flavor:

dark chocolate


Favorite vacation spot:

Anywhere with sand and the ocean- Tybee Island is my current favorite

Key to My Heart Necklaces


Favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon:

Laying outside in the sun with a magazine is something I’ve been looking forward to all winter!


Favorite part of running your business:

Unloading my kiln after the final firing and seeing how everything turned out is scary and exciting at the same time. A lot of potters relate opening the kiln to being like Christmas morning! I also love connecting with my fan base on Instagram and sharing what I’ve been up to.


Thank you again, Natalie!

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop and her blog for updates!