25 Things to be Happy About

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From our San Diego trip – Coronado Beach. Blog post coming soon!

It’s the 25th of February, which means this dreary month is almost over! To get through these somewhat-depressing few months of winter, I like to think about all the little things that make me happy – nothing’s too small! Thought I’d share a few with you today, in case they make you happy, too 😉

1. Handwritten letters

2. Freshly baked cookies (or brownies or cake or pie. You know where I’m going with this.)

3. Going on vacation

4. Finding money in your pocket from last season

5. Catching a favorite song on the radio

6. Surprise parties

7. The sound of children laughing

8. Losing yourself in a good book

9. Lazy Sundays

10. Your favorite t-shirt

11. Helping someone out of a jam

12. Leaving the windows open all day

13. Vibrant spring and fall colors

14. Making a new friend

15. A long nap

16. Checking things off your to-do list

17. Fresh blueberries from the farmer’s market

18. Warm laundry, right out of the drier

19. The smell of rain on the pavement (Did you know that’s called ‘petrichor’? Word of the day, friends.)

20. When someone holds the door for you

21. Getting a compliment from a stranger

22. Good hair days

23. Dancing – and I mean really dancing!

24. A sunny day after many cloudy ones

25. A dog cuddling up on your lap


What are some things that make you happy? Share with me in the comments!