Favorite Winter Self-Care Tips

Happy Monday!

Not sure if you heard (by keeping up with a certain groundhog’s weather forecast), but it looks like we have another six weeks of winter ahead of us. This is my least favorite season, so I’m trying to maintain my favorite self-care practices to keep myself feeling good and to help the cold, cloudy days pass quickly. I enjoy reading about natural ways to better our health and moods, especially this time of year, so I thought I’d share a few of my ways today!

Dry brushing // This practice is nothing new, as most girls have been loofah-ing it up since middle school! However, I’ve recently discovered its incredible, easy-to-attain health benefits, such as boosting the immune system, increasing circulation, and assisting in detox. Oh, and did I mention it helps with cellulite and smoothes skin all over? Sign me up!

Juices + smoothies // I’m pretty sure I could do an entire blog post on this topic alone…and I might sometime! We love juicing around here, and keeping up the habit during the winter helps beat those winter germs. Give me all of the Vitamin C you’ve got, Mother Nature! Plus, it’s an easy way to fit in extra fruits and veggies. This Pink Power Detox Smoothie from Oh She Glows is absolutely delicious!

Oh she glows, detox power smoothie

(via Oh She Glows)

Epsom salt baths // There’s nothing like a warm bath, right? I recently found a ‘recipe’ for a wonderfully soothing bath that includes lavender oil, baking soda, and epsom salt to pull impurities from the body. Totally relaxing, and good for you. Win. Win.

Essential oils // I can thank my friend Jenn for getting me into DoTerra essential oils! I know these are all over the blogosphere lately, and I won’t be saying anything new about them, but I have really enjoyed my experience with their use so far. I have seen a great difference in my anxiety levels when I use them and when I don’t – so glad to have a quick fix when I’m feeling tense. Balance, Wild Orange, and Peppermint are my jam.

photo (1)


Yoga + Barre // Y’all. I am still sad that my amazing yoga teacher Stephanie moved away last year! Her powerful teaching inspired me to add yoga to my weekly workouts, and I’m not one to even have a workout schedule 😉 I’ve also enjoyed barre classes at Studio 3 Fitness. Though those classes are tough, I feel a serious sense of accomplishment when they’re done! Elongating and strengthening my muscles…I’ll be (slightly more) ready for you, bathing suit season!

Thanks for reading today! What are some of the healthy ways you keep your body feeling its best during the winter months? Share with me in the comments!