Shop Around the Corner | Needle and Grain

Shop Around the Corner is a monthly series where I share a variety of fan-tas-tic small business owners that I think you’d really dig. It’s very important to me to share the love with fellow small business folks – the welcoming community of entrepreneurs I’ve met is quite strong, and there is so much incredible talent out there! I look forward to introducing you to great photographers, designers, shop owners…the list goes on and on!



Meet Susan and Bryson of Needle and Grain. I’ve known these two for a few years now, and am one of the biggest fans of their shop! Susan’s quilts have been a favorite item to use in my photography sessions, as well as lovely baby gifts for friends, and I pretty much drool over each ‘grain’ creation of Bryson’s (waiting for more space in our next home to buy one of his awesome tables!).

I think you’ll like learning about them and their talent today! Please check out their Etsy shop and Facebook page!

*Photos courtesy of Rachel Moore Photography + Needle and Grain* 


Tell us about your business!

We are Needle and Grain, a small business specializing in quality, handmade fabric (Needle) and wood (Grain) crafted goods in Franklin, Tennessee. Susan creates our line of fabric goods such as quilts, blankets and bags. Bryson crafts our wood products like catch-all plates, wall art and furniture. Occasionally, and hopefully more in the future, we blend our skills into unique wood and fabric pieces that embody the true spirit of our business.



What made you decide to open your shop?

You’ve probably heard this story before. Working 40 hours a week on a computer (him) and teaching children in a public school (her), was overwhelming for the both of us. The last thing we wanted to do when we got home was to continue the monotony of binge-watching netflix shows until we fell asleep. So we both tried our hands at various hobbies until one stuck for each one of us. Soon enough our 900 square-foot home was full of our work and we had to get it out just so we could have a place to sit!



Where do you find inspiration?

Bryson watches a lot of PBS woodworking shows and uses Pinterest heavily. Susan finds inspiration from people she follows on Instagram and from old-timey quilts.



Favorite item that you sell?

Needle’s Favorite Item: Houndstooth Aztec Quilt is my favorite thing to make. I love all of fabrics and how they compliment each other. I also love the houndstooth pattern and how it has a vintage, modern look. I might have to keep one for myself.

Grain’s Favorite Item: Tables are my favorite item to make. Every client has his or her own needs, so each table is different in its own way.



Any advice for those just starting out?

Needle’s: Don’t give up even when you want to cry and close shop. Pray, and God will take care of it in His time.

Grain’s: Work hard now…worry about a website later. 🙂



Three words to describe you/your life.

Needle’s: innovative, spunky, clever

Grain’s: Go-getter, handy, mad scientist



Favorite tv show:

It’s a tie between Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Rec. We have binge watched both when we have lazy Saturdays.



Favorite ice cream flavor:

Needle’s: Buckeye State from Jeni’s

Grain’s: Whiskey Pecan from Jeni’s



Favorite vacation spot:

We’ve been to Charleston a couple of times and love it. It’s the beach, history, and food all wrapped into one city. However, we still have a lot of traveling left to do!


Favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon:

When we aren’t working, we love to spend Saturdays by going to the farmers market, walking downtown Franklin, and having dinner with friends in our backyard.



Favorite part of running your business:

We love, love hearing the stories from people who have bought or received a product of ours. It makes our business and products more real to us. We also love seeing photos too!


Thanks so much, you two!