June Goals

Happy Summer to you!

Well, I think one of my goals should be getting these posts out before a good chunk of each month has passed (that’s prime goal-achieving time, you know!) I didn’t do one for May because we were gone part of the month on a vacation to the south of France. Sam and I had such a great time, and I can’t wait to share our experience with you!


Looking back at my April goals…I can stand to retry most of them for this month (these goals are accompanied by lots of grace)…because I just didn’t get them done!

  • Meditate daily. Nope, didn’t happen. Will try again for June.
  • Take product photos and blog about them. Also didn’t happen. I’m 0 for 2.
  • Share more love on the Internet. Yes! Did it! Will continue this encouraging activity.
  • Research about our France trip. Done – and so glad I did!
  • Send out a spring newsletter. You were trying to declutter your inbox anyway, right?…


So, April was a bit crazy and half of my intentions weren’t met. Will do better this month!

Simply M Photography_2253

  • Blog about France by July 4th. If you caught our New Orleans post, you saw that the hubs and I are blogging together about the trips that we take. We love traveling together, and want to tell you all about it! Be looking for this post covering captivating views, a hot pink mega-mansion, and the best brownie I’ll ever eat.
  • Stick to a morning and evening promise to stay off my phone. It’s true – I like social media. What I don’t like are the habits I’ve formed around it: checking the Bermuda Triangle of email, Facebook, and Instagram first thing in the morning, and usually once again before I go to sleep at night. And you can bet your sweet bippy that I’m checking it a LOT during the day, too. It zaps my energy, it wastes my time, and though it may sound a little dramatic, it’s preventing me from living my best, fullest life. While I need to be connected for friends and my business, I don’t really need to be online before 9am and after 6pm. I want to use my morning to spend time with God and the evening to spend time with my husband. Checking on who ‘liked’ the photo of what I had for lunch just isn’t as important as being with those guys! 😉
  • Redesign the gallery wall above our couch. I like what we’ve had for the past year and a half – a few odd knickknacks, a canvas from our wedding – but I’m ready to shake it up. We have a great poster from the Forecastle Festival last year, and I’d love to hang our favorite travel photos…if you have any ideas for this, please feel free to share!


What are your goals for this month? I’m linking up over on The Tiny Twig – be sure to check her site out!

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