Harrison | Childhood :: Columbia, Tennessee

Special post for you today! I met Harrison and his mom at Amuse’um last year, and couldn’t stop thinking what an incredibly cute little guy he was. I soon learned he had a neurologic disorder that I asked his parents to tell you about:

“Meet our son, Harrison James.  We first noticed problems when Harrison was slow to walk at about 15 months of age.  We later found out that he was actually having seizures and he was diagnosed with Leigh’s disease, a very rare and progressive neurologic disorder, in December of 2011.  This diagnosis completely devastated our lives.  Although Harrison doesn’t walk as well as others and communication remains a challenge, he is full of happiness and brings joy to those around him.  We have grown deeper in our faith in Christ since his diagnosis and we give Him praise for how well Harrison is currently going.  While we still have our struggles, we trust in God’s grace and provision as we go through this journey with our little boy.” – Justin and Caroline

I’m glad to introduce you to one of the happiest boys I’ve ever met!



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