SMP Monthly Three | April

Well, hey April! Glad to see you and your warmer weather! Let’s all take a moment to be thankful for sunshine and 70 degrees, shall we?


1 :: Snail mail via an app. I will go on record saying I will never, never, ever get tired of snail mail. Evvvvvver. Getting a hand-written note or a package delivered is one of the few things in life that is potentially a surprise, something you have to wait for (we’ve gotten out of this habit, haven’t we?), and a wonderful way to know you’re being thought of. Someone has taken the time to prepare the mail they’re sending you, and it’s usually for a happy reason. Who doesn’t love personal snail mail?! Well, to make things even easier, there’s now an app for it. Printic is an app that lets you choose photos from your phone, turns them into polaroid-style, and mails it straight to the lucky recipient. You can even add a message to it!  Great idea, app makers…whoever you are.




2 :: Kris Carr’s blog. Thanks to Jennifer, I recently learned of Kris Carr and her healthy, healthy ways. She believes in living life to the fullest, eating the most natural and nutritional foods available, and – good for us – she shares every bit of what she knows! I’ve loved reading about her spring picks, and have been drooling over her delicious-looking recipes.  Though I’ve always tried to eat well and enjoy each day, there’s something about getting a boost of confidence, even if just from a blog post, from someone who’s really got those wholesome habits down.




3 :: Our trip to NYC! I plan to have an entire post devoted to our New York City trip to share with you soon, but for now, know that we walked a lot…ate a lot…and saw a lot. Wonderful trip with the hubs last week!


(Yes, that meal in the top right was as awesome as it appears!)