Addison | Newborn :: Spring Hill, Tennessee

I’ve decided something. I’ve decided that all of the beautiful newborns I am lucky enough to photograph must sense my excitement, and they want to have a little bit of it, too! It doesn’t matter how full and happy they are – they won’t sleep for long with their new photographer friend in the room. I laugh at this each and every time! They all want to be awake and aware of what I’m doing…are all curious what the large, black snapping thing in front of my face is…basically, they don’t want to miss out on their first ever photo shoot. Smart babies.

Addison was no different. She was my first newborn to photograph of the year, and I have been ready to show off her session for a while now! She was batting those lovely lashes in wonder as I was working, soaking it all in. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday, and enjoy Addison’s photos!




While Mom was getting Addison ready, I took some pictures of Big Sister. Let me tell you, this girl loves the camera! I really dig the following photos of her, and I just had to share them with you!