SMP Monthly Three | March :: Middle Tennessee Family and Portrait Photography

1 :: Darling Magazine. Maybe it’s because I’m from the South (and you hear the word “darlin’/darling” used quite often), but when I first learned about this publication, I was instantly attracted to it. They have insightful, honest, “Hey-I-was-thinking-the-same-thing” articles written by women I’d like to be friends with. Read the mission statement below, and you’ll see what I mean: (ooh, and read this great ‘Morning’ article, too)


Artwork by Angela Duncan

2 :: I recently discovered The Define Journal, and their “What I Have to Say” series is pretty fantastic. If you fellow photographers need encouragement and advice, be sure to check out the posts – especially Natalie Norton’s!


via The Define School

3 :: World Down Syndrome Awareness Day is today! March 21st, or 3-21, is the date chosen because people who have Downs awesomely have three copies of chromosome #21. My nephew, Joshua, is one of the lucky recipients of that third copy, and I couldn’t love him more. The DSA of Middle TN has been posting photos each day this month, and Josh’s photo was chosen to show off on Monday (glad my SIL, Honey, submitted it)! I took this picture of him early last year while he was hugging his “Mapa”, and it’s one of my all-time favorites.

To also celebrate and support people with DS, you can eat at your local Ruby Tuesday’s tonight with this coupon, and a portion of the profits will go towards the DSA of Middle TN. Good food and a great cause? Win-win!