‘Daily’ Sessions :: Middle Tennessee Family and Portrait Photography



There are certain moments in my photography journey that surprise me. Then, there are other moments that I am wishing and praying for to be as impactful as I’m hoping for, and they turn out to be! My session with the Jagger Family was most definitely the latter. I had been itching to do a lifestyle shoot, meaning I would photograph a regular day in this family’s life. I knew this great family a little, had seen their adorable farmhouse, and knew they would be up for it!

The day unfolded in a relaxed, happy, unscripted way. I didn’t have to coerce the kids into doing something they weren’t into, I didn’t ask the parents to stand together for a quick shot. I photographed what they would normally do on a Saturday, and it was heaven for me. A family being themselves, not having to follow my guidance or sit still while I snap away.

It was authentic and simple. It was purely life. That’s what I want to capture for you. 

With that, I am very, very excited to announce my ‘Daily’ sessions!


– Includes up to three hours in your home and other places your family enjoys visiting together (library, local park, swimming pool, etc.). Whatever you have fun doing as a family, I’ll photograph it!

– After the session, you will receive a USB + printing rights of photos from the day – all  included. The reason I’m not offering a la carte products with these sessions is because a few small prints won’t do. I want to tell a story of the day and of your family. To tell that special story, you need multiple images! It’s like baking a cake…would you leave out a few important ingredients, hoping for the same delicious result? Probably not. The USB will offer many photos that describe how a typical, fun day with your family goes.

– Before the session, we will discuss what the day may look like. While I want everything to flow as it naturally would, I’d like to learn a bit about your family before I jump into your Saturday routine, and I want to give you a sense of my style.

To know more about ‘Daily’ sessions, including pricing, please (please!) write me at molly@simplyMphotography.com. I am so happy to be offering this type of unique photography, and feel it’s where I believe  my style belongs – I hope you’ll join me on this adventure! Just for fun, here are a few more from the Jagger’s session. Enjoy!