SMP Monthly Three | December :: Middle Tennessee Family and Portrait Photographer

1 :: I love NBC’s ‘Parenthood’, so by extension, I love the characters/actors. Hello Giggles (another one of Zooey Deschanel’s projects, so you know I’m hooked) has been doing interviews with inspirational & strong women about things that are important in their personal lives, and they have great photography accompanying the articles. Here’s one about Erika Christensen, who plays Julia.



2 :: Southern home design on Sweet Peach Blog. It’s full of beautiful things made in the South/appreciated by Southerners, and I just eat that stuff up. I am especially digging the Christmas “Buy Vintage” article and the Porches category! Beautiful porch, you’ll one day be mine!



3 :: Kinfolk Magazine. Pretty pictures of small gatherings.  Swoon.



4 :: Bonus!  I am trying to keep my excitement down, but this is a wonderful, nay, exceptional piece of tv goodness. There is going to be a Boy Meets World sequel airing on the Disney Channel, and Cory + Topanga are playing the parents! We don’t get the Disney Channel, but you can bet I’ll be anxiously waiting for it to appear on Hulu or Netflix. Click on this link to read more about  it and to also learn where Topanga’s name came from. It’s also made me laugh how many friends have emailed me with the news, saying “I thought of you when I saw this!”. Obviously, the show had a big effect on my young life….and I will forever have a crush on Eric Matthews.