Grace | High School Senior :: Columbia, TN Photography

I absolutely, 100% love this session. I have known Grace for-ev-er – her family moved in next door to us right before she was born! I’ve actually been hoping for the past year or so that they’d ask me to take these pictures, so you know I’m going to post a bunch today!

I know this phrase is used often, but I truly mean it –  she is beautiful inside and out. She’s halfway through her senior year, and I can’t wait to see where she goes in the next few years – somewhere very cool, I’m sure 😉

She invited her friend Callie for a few photos, because aren’t friends the most important thing in high school?! I wish I had more (yes, even more) photos of my friends and myself during that time, because those relationships mean something special – so glad I could give these to Grace and Callie!


















Seriously, how many of us were this beautiful in high school? Gorgeous, gorgeous, gor-geous. 




















Grace, thanks again for asking me to take these for you. I loved doing it, and loved spending time with you! Enjoy the rest of your year!