SMP ~ Monthly Three

July! I love July! (not because it’s my birthday month…really)

1 – Summer Reading :: I remember being very bummed once I got into high school and college, because my reading for fun moments were almost completely replaced with reading for classes like Biology and AP History. (hey, Mr. Avery!) I was so wrapped up with school, friends, and all other teenage things that I just didn’t get to read as I used to. Thankfully, I’ve gotten well back into the swing over the past few years, and summer is always the perfect time to catch up on some books. A few I’ve recently read/am about to read are Bloom by Kelle Hampton, True Colors by Kristin Hannah, and Bossypants by Tina Fey. One memoir, one I-can’t-put-it-down, one with a frightening cover.

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2 – A Beautiful Mess blog :: Another drool-worthy website sent my way by Elizabeth (of her own fame) – she knows me well. This one’s a little harder to describe, because it talks about everything! Fashion, food, crafts, photography – you name it. I am currently hooked on looking at their New York photos and their mini peach pies. I don’t think I even really like peach pie, but these are sodarncute.

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3 – aMuse’um’s first birthday :: I am so excited to see how Columbia’s own non-profit children museum has grown over the past year! I work there a few days a week, and I believe it’s a wonderful addition to a great small town. To celebrate with them, I’ve decided that all sessions involving children (families or just portraits) during the month of July will have a portion go straight toward supporting aMuse’um and its future! Now, why don’t you scoot on over to your email and message me about setting up a session for your family? Come on, it’s for the kids! 🙂

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Thanks for reading today, and be sure to check back Thursday for some fun family photos at the oldest house in the county!