Daily, with the Jaggers :: Columbia, TN Photography

Big post, coming your way! I have been itching to do a real, this-is-our-life session, and I think I found the perfect family for it. I feel lucky to have met the Jaggers; what a fun bunch! I spent a few hours with them one morning while they did their normal stuff – making a big breakfast, feeding the chickens, playing inside and out around their beautiful farmhouse and land…can you say ‘photographer’s dream’?!

You may remember my January post about some photography goals I have for 2012. One was adoptive families (the wonderful Wrights, check, but want to do many more!), another was begin offering sessions such as these. I will come to your house for x amount of hours, and photograph your family as you truly are, doing the things you do in everyday life. I wish I could remember more about what we did at home while I was a kid – time goes by way too quickly, and I’m determined to help y’all remember as much as you can through photography 🙂

I’m going to call these sessions “Dailies” and will have details for you about them soon. Goodies will be involved – be sure to sign up for my newsletter in order to get the scoop on them before anyone else!

For now, enjoy a day in the Jaggers’ life.














 I’ll be honest – almost got a bit teary while photographing the next few shots…old country song, mother and daughter dancing…oh my goodness.
































If you are interested in doing a Daily session like the Jaggers’, please write me at molly@simplyMphotography.com or call 931-446-0913. I am anxious to do many more!