Beth of Beth Hart Designs :: {Nashville, TN Photography}

Beth and I have been friends since elementary school (she was my first *best* friend – we even have a BFF necklace to prove it), and I really love where our friendship has gone over the years. She changed schools in 7th grade, but we did our best to keep up during a pre-Facebook time. She and I would write letters to one another during our college years (she at Ole Miss, me at Tennessee Tech) and I think we all know how exciting it was to get mail at college! Though we didn’t get to talk all that often, I still felt close to her, but wished we could have a chance to see each other more.

I was in her wedding in 2006, and a few years after that, she and her husband Jamie moved just a couple of streets away me! She had begun her stationery design business, and I was starting up my photography, so we decided to catch up and talk business over coffee. That one visit has sparked near-weekly coffee runs to our favorite place in Brentwood, many “hey, what if I did THIS with my business”-emails, and overall fun friend conversations that usually include laughing at our younger selves (example: “Oh my gosh, why did I wear overalls so often? Why?!”).

Beth is so, so talented and a fantastic gal all around. She talked to me a while ago about photographing her headshots, and I am happy to share them with you today! If you need stationery, invitations, or anything of the like, she is your girl! Please check out her work at and view her inspirational blog at