Elizabeth with www.edhyndman.com :: {Nashville, TN Photography}

I can’t remember when or where exactly we were introduced, but I know that I’ve liked Elizabeth since the first time I met her. She’s the kind of person who can always make you laugh and has great stories to tell! She is a wonderful friend, as well as a talented writer. She asked me a few weeks ago for some photos to display on her blog, and I was happy to oblige!

You can find her witty, always-entertaining website at www.edhyndman.com. She has two fun series going on currently: ‘Things I Like Tuesdays’ (check out today’s!) and ‘Friday Five‘. I love reading what she has to say, and I am completely unbiased! Ok, that may not be completely true, but I do think she truly is a fabulous writer who has an interesting voice and style in what she has to say.













¬†For her ‘Friday Five’!

Thanks for reading today, and make sure to visit Elizabeth’s site, too!