The Wright Family :: {Spring Hill, TN Photography}

I have to start by saying I am so incredibly thankful to have met the Wrights last month! They are an inspiring, truly genuine family, and I have been anxious to share their pictures with you!

I’ve always been interested in adoption, and wanted to use my photography as a way to give to those who have adopted, or are in the process. In January, I wrote about this 2012 goal, and my longtime friend Beth of Beth Hart Designs passed the news to the Wrights. They were just about to bring home their second son, Issac, so we planned a session for when they had all settled in a little. I met with Rebekah a week before our session to get to know them, and I was blown away by their two adoption stories. What amazed me the most was that she and her husband felt separately that they were being called to adopt, before they even talked about it with each other. Once they shared their feelings, things began to move quickly!

Their two girls are biological, but they adopted their younger son in 2010 and their older son this January. You can learn more about Issac’s recent journey through this great Show Hope video.

You know I always try to whittle down the posted photos to my favorites, or the ones I think my readers will like the most. This is one of those posts that I truly struggled with cutting any of them! I hope you enjoy a glimpse into this special family’s life.
















Special shout-out to Aunt Caroline for being such a great (and funny) “assistant”!




















Welcome home, Issac!


Wright Family, I really can’t express how glad I am to have met you all (you too, Aunt Caroline!), and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to take pictures of your *whole* family. I hope our paths cross again soon!