SMP ~ Monthly Three

Whoo hoo! March is here! I love spring like I love watching Paula Deen cook – a lot. No more chances of snow, flowers everywhere, and the return of flip flops (I start early). This month’s three things that I’m digging are as follows:

1 – Spicy Chicken Lasagna Roll-Ups :: I like to cook, but I find myself gravitating towards more dessert recipes than meal ones – we all know they’re a little more fun to make! I’m trying to do better about this as I’m getting older, and I found a great recipe last month. This Kraft Foods one lives up to its name…spicy! Easy to make, very tasty, and a fun alternative to time-consuming lasagna.


2 – Glamping :: Yes, you read that right. Glamping = glamorous camping. I learned about this via Pinterest (Reason #458 why that site is the cat’s pajamas) and am wanting to try it out! Now, I’m one who has always loved the outdoors, but for the life of me, I can’t fall asleep on the ground. It’s quite disappointing. There must be other ground-insomniacs out there, because glamping is becoming quite popular with resorts such as El Capitan in California. You are still sleeping/staying outdoors, but with the option of a swanky tent or cabin with a few other add ons. One day, glamping…one day.

El Capitan Resort, Photo courtesy of Steven Lam (though I wish it was me)

3 – Paint and floor samples :: Hmm….now why would I say I liked these two things this month? I have something up my sleeve that I am excited to share with you soon! Big announcement to come in a few weeks!