Thankful :: {Middle Tennessee Family and Portrait Photography}

I’ll admit that I usually don’t feel like myself this time of year. The holidays (which I loooove – I miss you, EggNog) are over, it’s cold and cloudy outside….there’s just not much going on. Every year, until spring arrives, I like to think about things that I’m currently happy about; things that I’m thankful for. Doing this always puts me in better spirits, and I want to share a few of my thankful things with you today!

  • My amazing family, friends, and loved ones – I don’t know what I would do without y’all!
  • My super-supportive and wonderful clients – thank you for helping my happy little business to grow! (Keep it up! ;-))
  • Being able to wear scarves daily and not get weird looks (as I do in the summer. Not that I mind!)
  • Inspiring books such as this one.
  • Warm crockpot meals. So many to try, so little time!
  • Guest blogging for friends – read my recent one here. Thanks, Elizabeth!
  • I guess “thankful” isn’t really the right word for this one, but Betty White is adorable, and I’m pretty jealous that she’s getting hitched to Zachary Levi. What an inspiration – 90 years old and so, so funny!

In case you missed it last week, check out my new Baby Portrait Plan! If you have a new baby, I would love to talk to you about photographing their first year!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Weekend!