The Kesslers :: {East TN Photography}

The tv show “Felicity” is the main reason this session ever happened. Why? A little back story: Mindy was one of the very first friends I made at college. We were in Bio lab together, but really hit it off by discussing our love for Keri Russell, her crazy curly hair, whether she’d choose Ben or Noel, and how Javier really made the show.

Mindy is one of those wonderful people who makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever after just one conversation – so caring, thoughtful, and funny! She and Michael dated all through college, and I knew they were destined to have such a happy life together. Two beautiful children later, I think my prediction was right! I had a wonderful time with them in downtown Athens, TN.

{N} kept making funny faces that I just loved. I call this “Lemon Tasting”.

You four know I love you SO much and I’m thrilled we could spend time together this fall. Merry Christmas!