SMP ~ Monthly Three

I have a hard time believing it’s December. When did that happen?! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Readers!

1 – Baking :: Thanks to Jenny, my sisterfromanothermother (that doesn’t quite work, does it?), I learned of the Candy Cane Brownie Trifle. This is a new Christmas dessert tradition that I’ve taken upon myself to make every year, accompanied by my family’s cheering and praise (ok, I actually take their “mmmm” sounds while eating as cheering). It’s a delicious chocolatey-peppermint concoction, and you should try it out this holiday!

2 – Christmas Eve/Morning photos :: I know, I’m a photographer, so this isn’t a huge stretch. But, by golly, I love a good Christmas picture, full of reds and greens, pajamas, possibly in front of a lit C-mas tree or fireplace…you get the gist. I am lucky to have so many special C-mas memories with my family, and I’m glad we captured a lot of them on film. Below is my favorite holiday photo with my brothers. So young!


3 – Holiday movies :: Nothing gets me more in the spirit than watching my favorite Christmas movies. Here’s my short list:

It’s a Wonderful Life :: The scene where Mary and George are talking to Sam Wainright on the phone, and suddenly they realize that they love each other and passionately kiss? Stop. It. Most romantic movie scene ever.

The Family Stone :: I have quite a few friends who don’t like this movie, but I can’t go a season without watching it. SJP in a very non-Sex-and-The-City role? Check. Lots of snowy scenes (obviously not filmed in Tennessee)? Check. Family-confusion shenanigans? Double check. I highly recommend it!

A Charlie Brown Christmas :: “It just needs a little love.” Need I say more?

Elf :: It has Zooey Deschanel, junk food, and more one-liners than I can count. I’m digging it.

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street :: You kind of have to be in my family to appreciate this one at all. We had it taped from tv in the ’80s, and I’ve always loved it. You can watch clips of it on YouTube, including Grover interviewing children to see how they think Santa gets down the chimney. Doesn’t get much cuter!


**What are some of your favorite Christmas movies or traditions? Let me know in the comments!**