Fall Basketball

My basketball career was short-lived. I played on one team in 5th grade, and we lost every. single. game. Probably didn’t help that none of us had ever played basketball before. My poor dad, a very talented basketball player in his high school and college days, was our coach and he did his best…I apologized for our team terribleness for years after.

I’ve just rediscovered shooting around. I haven’t played since college intramurals and there is something completely therapeutic about releasing the ball from your hands and watching it fly through the air to eventually swish through the hoop (Oh, that’s right…I get nothing but net. Sometimes.) It relaxes me to play, and I’m thankful to have a goal nearby.

P.S. Who else used to watch NBC’s HangTime on Saturday mornings? Loved that show, and I wanted to be Julie. Please watch the video to be reminded of the good ol’ days of Saturday morning tv, as well as 1990’s music.