SMP ~ Monthly Three

Happy September! The beginning of my favorite season is upon us….who else is pumped, fall-lovers?!

1 – Football games :: I have been to many, many football games in my short life. Having two brothers in the marching band (and myself for four years) caused many trips to the local stadium over the years. Sadly, I never really took the time to learn about the game – I was more focused on talking to friends and getting hot chocolate from the concession stand (priorities!).  However, it’s grown on me a lot since college…and even though I wasn’t always completely sure what certain plays/calls meant, I have been a Vanderbilt fan since birth. Seeing how excited my dad would get over the games made me want to do the same!

I was thrilled to see Old Navy offering my team’s shirts this season. Living in Nashville, I tend to only see Titans and UT gear, and I always feel that Vandy needs some love, too.

2 – The Beach Boys :: Oh, those California sounds. Dreams of the beach and learning how to surf. Plain ol’ happy music. I have loved The Beach Boys since I was a kid – I actually played their ‘Greatest Hits’ tape for my stuffed animals when I would have tea parties in my room (cute, right?). I heard they were performing in East TN recently, and thought how fun it’d be to see them. Lo and behold, they are performing at a local fair soon and I am going to see them!!! Hard to describe my excitement, but I think those three exclamation points will do the trick.

3 – The return of fall tv :: I don’t watch much tv in the summer; never have. But this wonderful season means new episodes of my favorite shows….which include Modern Family, Chuck, Glee, Parenthood (oh, how I love Parenthood!), and NBC’s Thursday night line-up. I don’t know the last time I laughed so hard at a line delivery before this certain Modern Family clip…enjoy!


Have a fun Labor Day weekend, everyone!