SMP ~ Monthly Three

Introducing my new blog feature today….SMP Monthly Three! These will be three things that I’m digging each month that I’d like to share with you! They could vary from music and food to clothes and books, with some photography thrown in there. I love talking about new things I’ve come across with friends and family – hopefully you’ll agree with my recommendations!

1 – Creature Comforts. I found this site yesterday and my vintage-loving heart skipped a beat. Run by Ez (pronounced Ee-zee), the blog is all about “celebrating the tiny details that make life so amazing and looking to find beauty in the unexpected”…isn’t that something we should all try to do every day? Such a gorgeous blog. Make sure to look for the “Joy” ice cream post – you’ll have to smile!

2 – “You and I” – Ingrid Michaelson. I’ve been a fan of hers for years, but I have a renewed respect for her music after this past weekend. I was blessed to be a bridesmaid in a college roommate’s wedding on Saturday, and it was their song. Was it simply the song they danced to? No, no. It was Britt’s ringtone (and you KNOW the bride got no less than 75 calls for the course of 3 days that I was with her!), the song the bridal party all sang to end the reception, and the tune that everyone was either humming or tapping out on tables constantly! It’s a fun song that’ll make you feel good – and might get stuck in your head a little.

3 – Homemade ice cream sandwiches. If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you’ve most likely heard me talk about this wonderful concoction of my grandmother’s. Mama Gene knew these were the family favorites, so there was never a shortage in the freezer when we visited. On hot summer days like this one, I can’t imagine a better treat!

Delicious-looking, right?

Hope you’ve enjoyed the first installmentĀ of SMP Monthly Three! Thursday on the blog: Natalie and Robert’s wedding!