Pursuit 31 Workshop

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the following things: 1) Meeting new (amazing!) people 2) Learning in-depth about photography and how to run my business more effectively and 3) Photographing a stunning, in-love couple at an equally  stunning location, right here in Nashville. All of these things described last week!

I was fortunate enough to attend the Pursuit 31 Workshop, lead by Karen Stott. We met at a local studio on the first day to get down to business – literally.  Karen shared her powerful story with us and gave us great insight into how to run a successful photography biz! She made every step sound so exciting and do-able, which I believed helped us all to feel more comfortable with the left-brained portion of being a photographer. By the end of Day One, I was excited and ready to put everything I’d learned into practice! (Just wait, readers…good things are coming!)

Day Two was simply a joy to be a part of. Though bad storms swept through the area (and we saw lightning strike just a liiiiitle too close for comfort), we managed to shoot a styled wedding session at Cedarwood Mansion on Whites Creek Pike. Middle-Tennessee Brides, this is the PLACE if you want an all-inclusive wedding. The wonderful owners and staff set up absolutely gorgeous, detail-focused displays for us in the reception area, while the land surrounding is full of photographer dream-locations: an old barn. Lush greenery. A babbling (yes, babbling!) brook. Little hide-a-ways in the trees. Gorgeous house. A rope swing…..need I continue?

I could keep going about the day, but I think I’ll let my pictures tell the story.

Our sweet, sweet models, Dustin and Katie


Dustin and Katie were the most fun couple! Thank y’all for allowing so many of us to be up in your faces, taking a ridiculous amount of pictures! You looked amazing and so in love (not too hard to do that!).

Birdcage veil = vintage = love

Love the details!

Boutique Couture provided such a lovely dress! Located in Chattanooga – check them out!

As you can tell, it wasn’t hard to capture this couple’s strong love for one another. Y’all were so, so great. Glad to meet you!

We all had such a great time these few days! Can’t even express how thankful I am to have attended this workshop! Thanks once more to Karen Stott, Cedarwood, and the following vendors. We appreciate all you did for us!

Cupcake Divas: 60 25th St NW Ste. 2 Cleveland, TN 37311 423-473-2788 cupcakedivas.net

Boutique Couture: Emily Goodin – Owner. 1269 Market St. Chattanooga, TN 37402 www.theboutiquecouture.com

Matchless Limo: Vintage Jaguar http://www.matchlesslimo.com

Historic Cedarwood Venue, styling, floral, details, kitchen sink (ok, not really!)  www.historiccedarwood.com

3831 Whites Creek Pike Nashville, TN 37207. Phone: 615-876-9999. Email: info@historiccedarwood.com