Easter Sunday


What a perfect Easter Sunday! The weather couldn’t have been better, and the kids in our family have never been more excited for an egg hunt. Granted, 1/2 of them aren’t really sure why there are plastic, colorful eggs in the yard (and an even smaller amount know something’s inside them), but they were excited, nonetheless!

In case you’ve never read my blog or talked to me in person, you should know that I LOVE my family. Humoungously. So thankful we all live close enough to spend a Sunday afternoon together.

This particular holiday was full of climbing trees (well, for some of us)….

lots of silly giggles from the family ham

Sweet, happy smiles and curious looks from the youngest

a pure miracle, in that they all sat together long enough for a few good photos (complete with Ritz)


first-time Easter egg finds

horsing around and hugs


and, of course, looking forward to next year.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday, and was able to spend the day with friends and family!

Candy-coated chocolate Cadbury Eggs, I will see you next year….but it will not be soon enough.