The Britts

One of my favorite sessions so far! I began babysitting – I mean, “hanging out” – with these sweet kids a couple of summers ago. It’s amazing to see how they’ve changed over that small amount of time!

Oldest bro {J}. Smart, sweet, and cute teenager. This photo was taken as I was trying to convince him to ask out an equally smart, sweet, cute teenager….remember, when you laugh about it, it’s a sign you really do like her…

Beautiful {E}! Y’all need to watch out, because she is going to take over the world one day – and do an amazing job of running it. Over the summer, she read “A Girl’s Guide to Running a Business”, or something close to that. I can’t tell you how many lemonade stands she ran during June and July – did a great job and entertained customers by doing cartwheels!

And, of course, funny {H}. He is a hoot and knows it! I took a few videos of the kids over the summer, and one of my favorites is when he and {E} were telling the ‘Interrupting cow’ joke to each other. He could NOT stop giggling long enough to get the joke out. When he finally did, he told it in a British accent. Why? Don’t know. But it was hilarious.

This was before {J} put his arm around {E}, and she stuck her tongue out in repulsion. Ah, brothers and sisters.

My favorite of the day!

Trying to contain the laughter

They can do crazy faces with the best of them!

I’ve told them they should have their own show…after their modeling careers, that is.

{E}’s face is priceless – those of us with two brothers are right there with you.

The joy of being 11!

Blue Steel.

It’s almost a little sad how much he taught me about Apple/iPhone stuff over the summer. I knew nothing.

What a wonderful session with a wonderful family! Thanks for letting me spend a fun fall afternoon with you!