Sitting on the dock of the…lake

Nature_CCC dock

Another photo from my afternoon at Cedar Crest! I spent a while relaxing on the banks of the lake, just taking it all in. A few noticeable changes from my summers there:

1 – The lake is a very quiet place when there aren’t 20 of your campers yelling at each other across the water. While splashing water with their oars. While trying to tip each others’ canoes, as well as mine. Back off, kids! I will revoke your s’mores-making privileges!

2 – It’s even quieter without another couple of cabins fishing at the same time. You’d think fishing would be a more hushed-voices activity. But you’d be wrong.

3 – The reflection of orange-y yellow leaves in the water? Totally throwing me off. I’m only used to lots of green trees around there!

I loved my summers there, and this visit helped rejuvenate me for the upcoming busyness of the next few months. Life is good, blog readers. Life is good!